The top 10 fastest-selling electric cars of all time

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As electric vehicle popularity soars, pre-orders for new models are seeing cars being sold at record rates. But which EV has been the most popular ever since they first hit the market?

One company, LeaseLoco, has worked this out by analyzing the best-selling electric vehicles across the globe, then calculating how many cars are sold per year on average, and per hour based on how long the vehicle has been released.

According to its calculations, Tesla is leading the way with the fastest-selling EV. The Model 3 is the world’s all-time best selling electric car with 645,000 units sold since 2020.

Analyzing the average time it takes to sell the 10 fastest-selling EVs, the Tesla Model 3 sells an incredible 17 times quicker than the top 10 EVs. 589 Model 3s are sold a day, and 25 sold every hour.

The EV is marketed as being more affordable compared to other Tesla models, which likely owes to its popularity. The Model 3 has helped Tesla produce its millionth car in March 2020.

The second fastest-selling EV of all time is the lesser-known Wuling Hongguang Mini EV. Although not available in the UK and therefore not as known, this manufacturer is one of the key players in the electric vehicle market in China.

The car has only been sold since 2020 and already looks to take on Tesla, with a whopping 125,925 sales in a year. This is equivalent to 345 sold in a day, and 14 per hour.

Experts have revealed that the car lacks in performance, range, and battery compared to Tesla. However, the car is far cheaper than a Tesla, with the Hongguang Mini EV retailing at $4,500 (£3,200), which is $30,500 (£39,300) cheaper than the Tesla Model 3.

Renault Zoe is Europe’s best-selling electric car, however, the Zoe made it to the number 10 on our list. The Zoe is sold six times slower than the Tesla Model 3, proving just how popular the Model 3 is.

Although the Zoe isn’t the fastest-selling it is in the top 10 with 2,967 sold every month, 98 a day, and 4 sold an hour.

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