Electric vehicle wireless charging technology gets a boost in UK

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British electric vehicle specialists and technology company, Sprint Power, has secured £2.4m (US$3m) government funding to develop and rollout wireless charging technology across the UK.

Inductive charging, which has often been described as the ‘Holy Grail’ for electric car ownership and adoption as it allows vehicles to recharge their batteries without the need to plug in. It also has the ability to charge on the move – so drivers can be continually topping up as they travel, which could avoid the big issue of range anxiety.

Sprint Power, a new company founded by Richie Frost, who previously worked with Detroit Electric and also his former company Frost EV, is part of a consortium that will be given a total of £4.6m (US$5.7m) to demonstrate the viability of wireless charging for commercial users.

The technology will create a retro-fit module that will provide existing electric vehicles with wireless charging capability.

“We are in the midst of an electric revolution, with many businesses, councils and individuals looking to make the transition to alternative fuelled vehicles. Our view is that wireless charging will significantly contribute to the infrastructure required to support mass uptake of electric vehicles,” said Richie Frost, founder and CEO of Sprint Power.

“This project will work through the technical and commercial challenges, creating a framework to demonstrate the viability of wireless charging as a true long-term solution to a wireless future” he added.

Sprint Power will develop technology and data to allow wireless charging to be rolled out to the masses across UK businesses, towns and cities.

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