‘World’s first’ solar-powered pop-up EV charging station launches

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A new solar-powered pop-up electric vehicle charging station has launched, which can be installed within 24 hours to provide EV charging at locations without existing infrastructure.

The Papilio3 is manufactured in the UK using recycled shipping containers and can be deployed anywhere without the requirement for costly new grid connections. The first Papilio3 has already been installed at Surrey Research Park, located in Guildford, UK.

Designed and developed by solar car park specialists, 3ti, the Papilio3 enables up to 12 vehicles to recharge on-site via Sevadis’ Scatalo Duo Power units. Integrated with smart back-office management system provider, Fuuse, the Papilio3 offers a seamless, intelligent charging solution for both businesses and electric vehicle drivers.

The Papilio3 is able to store up to 250kWh of solar generated energy, which can be load balanced to provide power to electric vehicles efficiently throughout the charging periods.

The modular solar EV charging hubs can be rented from 3ti, therefore requiring no capital investment by customers.

The Papilio3 has been brought to the market to provide sustainable EV charging solutions to workplaces, local authorities, attractions, hospitality venues etc to ensure locations that do not have the infrastructure for EV charging facilities can deploy a solution without costly investments.

Each unit offers sheltered illumination and secure parking, ensuring that electric vehicle drivers are safe when charging their vehicles throughout the day and night.

Tim Evans, 3ti founder and CEO, said:

“We believe that solar and battery boosted destination and workplace charging will become the best EV charging solution for drivers, irrespective of the type of home they live in. By utilizing dwell times of several hours, when cars are parked at work or when the driver is visiting a shopping or leisure venue, for example, 3ti’s system ensures that EVs can achieve a level of charge that covers day to day driving needs and does it in the most low carbon way.”

David Abernethie, Senior Project Manager at Sevadis commented:

“We are incredibly proud to be a part of 3ti’s new solar EV charging hub. This modular unit is a game-changing addition to the industry and will without a doubt spark interest from numerous businesses and organizations seeking to offer EV charging facilities to their employees and customers.”

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