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Concept Engineering GmbH
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Concept Engineering is the leader in electronic system visualization software, with applications in multiple industries. We help Engineers debug complex electrical systems, accelerate automotive and aerospace electronic systems development and service with responsive smart schematic rendering and automatically generated after-sales service schematics.

EEvision is our online visualization and debugging solution that easily renders schematics of circuits, wiring harnesses and component attributes specific to individual development and maintenance situations.  Taking original ECAD data or proprietary data as input, schematics are automatically rendered and explored on-the-fly, allowing complex systems to be easily and quickly understood. Google-style live search features allow for precise information to be extracted from huge data files and displayed in an easy-to-understand fashion.

Customization – API access is provided to all aspects of EEvision, allowing for extensive customization and specialized features (plugins/apps) to be easily coded and executed.

The EEvision platform is available for Windows, Linux or as a Cloud-based application, delivered over the Internet (or Intranet) using standard web-browsers. This allows easy user access from any network-enabled device and location without complex installation or software licensing.
EEvision Smart Search

EEvision Platform Features

• Easily use existing ECAD/proprietary data and automatically generate variant-specific schematics to quickly visualize cable & wire harness electrical systems.

• Perform google-like searches to easily locate and debug electrical issues.

• The team sign-off plugin allows engineering teams to easily check, review and finalize electrical designs across your organization.

• Automated document generation will dramatically save cost and reduce errors in your technical documents.

• Custom plugins can be used to accelerate and automate project and product specific development and service tasks.

• Switch quickly between different schematic views or navigate incrementally to pinpoint error sources easily.

• Share schematic data in real time with manufacturing, after-sales service departments and the supply chain via a web browser.

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