Revolutionary all-in-one in-wheel motor technology for urban mobility

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A first-of-its-kind technology has been revealed by Protean where an in-wheel motor unit houses a motor, steering, brakes and suspension as an ultimate solution for the future of urban mobility.

The Protean360+, is a corner module that is seen here in use on a small autonomous pod-like vehicle, which is able to drive with a limitless-360 degree steering.

The module is a solution to urban mobility vehicles to manoeuvre with more agility and park with ease in busy urban situations.

It also completely removes steering controls and maximizes space inside the vehicle by eliminating transmission tunnel and motor thanks to its ProteanDrive in-wheel motor technology.

The all-in-one unit has a direct drive with integrated motor, inverter and disc brake. It also houses steering controls and suspension, all in a compact unit.

Once stationary, its ride-height control enables the pod to ‘kneel’, dropping the vehicle entry-point to kerb level for easy loading of heavy or cumbersome loads and stepless access for passengers with impaired mobility.

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