Watch Nissan’s new e-4orce technology in action


Currently in the final stages of development, Nissan’s e-4orce (pronounced e-force, in case you didn’t get it) is a new all-wheel control technology for its electric vehicles that delivers instant torque to all four wheels but also helps drivers better control the power.

The e-4orce system, which is built around twin electric motors, was first shown off at CES in Las Vegas in January 2020, where it was used on a Nissan Leaf+. The technology is said to offer more reaction to driver input and enable greater handling and comfort.

In this video, the system is used in a series of maneuvers, including handling and stability tests, where e-4orce distributes torque to the vehicle’s front and rear wheels to maximize tire friction (grip) according to road surface conditions and the vehicle’s situation.

e-4orce’s all-wheel-drive balance defaults to a 50/50 distribution, but it can also transfer up to 100% of power to either the front or rear wheels, and a mix in between, for various road and driving conditions. Deceleration force is optimally controlled at each of the four wheels, though a combination of regenerative braking and hydraulic braking, thereby improving turning performance in addition to deceleration.

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