Skoda launches hydrogen-powered city bus

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Škoda Group has been developing hydrogen fuel cell technologies for a long time, which is why it is launching a new hydrogen-powered Škoda H’CITY 12 bus.

Cities are constantly looking for new ways to make life more pleasant for their citizens. Much attention has recently been given to reducing emissions in the air, which are a very significant problem, especially in large cities. Vehicle manufacturers are therefore coming up with new propulsion options to ensure efficient transport while at the same time providing relief for the environment.

Škoda H’CITY 12 bus uses PEM fuel cells as its power source, in which hydrogen and oxygen reactions take place, and batteries in which the energy produced is stored. This type of propulsion allows a driving range of up to 350 km on a single refueling.

The hydrogen bus is part of Skoda’s New Energy Vehicle solution and is a fitting addition to the portfolio of environmentally friendly buses suitable for urban operation. Hydrogen-powered buses have extremely low noise and low vibration, which is also typical for traditional electric buses. However, refueling a hydrogen bus is considerably quicker as there is no direct recharging of the batteries. Hydrogen is filled into the bus, which then reacts with oxygen from the air to produce electricity directly in the bus. This means that the vehicles do not have to wait at charging stations but are always ready to go into operation. Steam is then released into the air as a by-product of the chemical reaction. As a result, hydrogen buses do not put any additional strain on the environment.

“The portfolio of buses from Škoda Group includes a wide range of propulsion types, enabling us to offer solutions to suit almost any requirement. Recent trends show that customers are demanding vehicles that are environmentally friendly and thus have the lowest possible impact on citizens’ lives. That is why we are coming up with a new solution that offers cities an interesting solution,” said Tanya Altmann, president bus mobility at Škoda Group.

“Škoda H’CITY 12 is a fully emission-free vehicle that is a suitable replacement for diesel buses, which are still very dominant in cities. With this new vehicle, we are following our development process, which already in 2009 introduced the first hydrogen bus model, Škoda TriHyBus, which has been in service for many years. The new model has taken proven practices from the original vehicle, but also offers a number of innovations.”

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