XBUS: Modular, lightweight electric vehicle nears production

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A new modular, lightweight electric vehicle is nearing production that claims will introduce a new class of mobility.

The Xbus, which was previously known as the eBussy, from German manufacturer ElectricBrands comes under the L7e-B2 light vehicle class and weighs just 600kg. The vehicle has two chassis options and eight modular variants that can carry three passengers up to 600km and potentially even further as it features solar panels on its roof.

The Xbus’ solar panel roof to provide added range

It has a continuous power of 15 kW, peak power 56 kW and a top speed of 100 km/h. The dimensions of the Xbus are 3.96 x 1.64 x 1.96m and, depending on the module, can carry up to a 1,000kg payload.

The two chassis options available are the Xbus City and Xbus Off-road, which features more ground clearance. Both are able to quickly interchange modules for different purposes.

Ralf Haller, founder of ElectricBrands, said: “Looking at the growing congestion on the roads, bigger and bigger cars cannot be the answer. We need smart, versatile, and sustainable concepts that preserve individual mobility and personal lifestyle for all of us – without exhaust emissions, but with comfort, acceptable range and suitable speed. Which is exactly where we’re going with the Xbus.”

The Xbus has been in development for over three years and is now entering its next phase where first series model of the new modular universal vehicle will be rolling off the production line in Itzehoe in mid-2022.

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