Arc Vector: Is this the world’s most advanced electric motorcycle?


A futuristic, all-electric motorcycle that costs over US$114,000 (£90,000) and is able to go from 0-60mph in three seconds will be put into production in 2020.

The British-built Arc Vector joins the revolution of electric motorcycles following the news that Triumph is also turning to electrification with its own battery-powered two-wheeler.

The café racer, which has no clutch or gears, is powered by a 399-volt electric motor which is supplied by 960 cutting-edge energy dense Samsung 21-700 batteries.


“Right now, you can’t actually buy them,” explains Arc’s Head of Electrical Engineering, Robin Boyd. “Samsung are prototyping and developing them, and have partnered with Arc Vehicle as part of this process. The battery cells rank as some of the most powerful of their kind and have the most longevity. With 960, the Vector has more battery cells and, in turn, power than any other electric motorcycle. A lot more. With these upgraded cells, we are extremely confident in meeting our performance and range targets.”

Arc Vector

Arc Vector

Arc Vector is built from a carbon monocoque

The battery and motor are built into a carbon monocoque battery module that helps add to the structural stiffness of the bike.

At 220kg, the Arc Vector will have the best power-to-weight ratio of any electric two-wheeler – 650bhp per tonne. Its top speed is 125mph and combined range is said to be around 270 miles.

Only 399 will be built to order at a new facility in South Wales.

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