BYD and Momentum Dynamics announces largest inductive charging installation in the world

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The largest and highest capacity inductive charging system in electric vehicle history will be installed in Indianapolis, USA, it has been announced.

In a joint venture between electric vehicle company BYD and charging solutions Momentum Dynamics, three 300kWh inductive charging points to enable a fleet of electric buses to power up their batteries on-route, without having to stop and plug in.

Inductive charging is seen as the solution to range anxiety and obstacles of charging. With Momentum dynamics’ technology, each time the bus reaches an inductive charger, located at endpoints of the route, the battery automatically receives a charging boost enabling the vehicle to continue along the route.

Momentum Dynamics CEO and founder, Andrew Daga, said: “We are incredibly excited to partner with BYD and IndyGo to install 300-kilowatt wireless inductive charging stations, which will extend driving range for the BYD buses. We are moving toward an electric transportation future, and Indianapolis is leading the pack both nationally and globally. As public transit agencies transition fleets to electric vehicles, they see substantial economic and environmental benefits with on-route wireless charging technology.”

Momentum Dynamics’ wireless inductive chargers are currently deployed in four states in the US, whlie upcoming deployments in Massachusetts and Norway will continue the company’s mission of installing high-power wireless charging technology that eliminates harmful emissions, reduces operating costs and improves charging efficiency for electric vehicles.

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