Goodwood: Japanese OEMs latest EV

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AIM is a Japanese technology company engaged in automotive research and development including powertrain for internal combustion and electric applications. It will debut its AIM EV Sport 01 at Goodwood Festival of Speed.

The AIM EV Sport 01 is the company’s first concept vehicle, fitted with its PM200 electric motor in a dual-motor real-wheel-drive configuration.


Two APM200 motors controlled by advanced torque vectoring system producing a combined 360 kW (490PS) and maximum torque of 740Nm. Invertor rated at 720V input and 380 kW output. Laminate rechargeable Lithium battery with a capacity of 81 kWh configured in four packs.

Body and chassis

Multi-tubular aluminium frame with double-wishbone front and rear suspension system. Body panels are made from a carbon fiber laminate structure and the interior ‘bathtub’ is all carbon fiber. 20-inch wheels with 235/35 ZR20 front and 275/30 ZR20 rear tires.

Design details

The AIM EV Sport 01 has over 600bhp, is under four meters long, and carries a a curb weight which does not exceed 1.5t.

It is designed by SN Design Platform, an independent design company lead by automotive designer Shiro. AIM is based in Nagoya, Japan, and is undergoing testing and evaluation for a potential limited series production run.

“Having created our own series of advanced electric motors, the AIM EV Sport 01 is also the perfect way to showcase our expertise in advanced powertrain development. I am really excited to be personally driving the car up the hill at Goodwood this year,” said AIM President and CEO Yukinori Suzuki.

Although the AIM EV Sport 01 was developed as a concept and showcase for the capabilities of the AIM Company, early reaction to the car following its reveal in April has encouraged the company to develop a feasibility study for a limited series production run.

“The EV Sport 01 has minimal form language and avoids exaggerated and complicated surfaces, reminiscent of the great European and Japanese sports cars of the 1960’s,” added designer Nakamura.

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