Helix’s revolutionary hypercar motor

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Helix has been developing a 650kW continuous output low-inductance motor
for a new hypercar project, which it calls scalable core technology (SCT).

Derek Jordanou-Bailey, Chief Engineer at Helix, took overall responsibility for the project.

His experience includes seven years at Integral Powertrain (IP), from which Helix evolved in 2022, before a stint at
Mercedes-AMG HPP (High Performance Powertrains) working on F1 power units.


Known internally as REB, the SCT weighs only 28kg and is capable of delivering 650kW of continuous power. Helix says this X-Division SPX177 product is the most powerful pure battery electric vehicle (BEV) motor the company has ever produced.

Helix developed the SPX177 product for an unidentified hypercar manufacturer, and Jordanou-Bailey
confirms a single motor delivering 650kW continuous will be installed in the vehicle.

Describing the project, he said, “Our SCT is intended to deliver products that are tailored to customer requirements and easily manufactured in large production runs, but for REB the focus was on ultimate performance.”

Jordanou-Bailey added,” It is a 2x 3-phase motor, so its current is shared across two inverters, a necessary approach to meet the phase current demands at ‘normal’ DC voltages at this extremely high power level. Both the motor and inverter have extremely high power density. Six high-voltage cables connect the inverter to the motor, while an LV connector carries the various control signals.”

Future development

The motor delivered over 700kW peak on the test stand and could potentially deliver more.

A proposal for an initial small ‘production’ batch is under way and, meanwhile, Helix is supporting the
customer’s integration of the power unit into the vehicle.

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