Dust and Fume Extraction in Battery Cell Manufacturing Processes

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The electrification of the global transport sector – and in particular lithium-ion battery cell manufacturing processes – are characterized by a high demand for clean air. Several stages of the production process need to take place in clean and dry rooms that are well ventilated. This is because generated emissions can pose health risks to operators. Also, humidity and airborne contaminants can compromise the chemical balance of batteries, detrimentally affecting their charging and discharging performance.

To ensure good indoor air quality and a safe working environment, it is crucial that these airborne contaminants are captured, contained and removed from the airstream before entering the ambient air.

Camfil´s webinar will inform delegates about the following aspects:
– Indoor air quality in production facilities
– Mitigating exposure & explosion risks
– Protection against product contamination
– Effective control of emissions to outdoor environment
– Lowering energy consumption & costs by recirculating process air

During the webinar, Camfil´s experts will talk about industry´s main challenges and concerns, specifically within the battery manufacturing process. They will share their experience and present solutions how to create a healthy and safe work environment by determining application-specific filtration solutions, which is often a combination of dust and fume extraction, molecular filtration and cleanroom technology.

Presented by

Gabriele Schenetti, Camfil´s Sales Director for dust, fume and mist extraction solutions in the EMEA region. He is also a member of the global eMobility task force with close contact to the industry and Camfil´s R&D department.
Gabriele has an engineering background with over 15 years’ experience in dust and fume collection. Before he joined Camfil, he worked with a key component supplier within the filtration industry.

Unfortunately Ulf Persson was unavailable for the webinar, but we have John Purvis standing in for him. John is Air Pollution Control Technical Support Manager at Camfil and has 30-plus year’s experience in the filtration industry, over 20 of those with Camfil determining application- specific extraction solutions.

Watch the webinar here

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