Aiways partners with Blue World Technologies on methanol fuel cell development

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Shanghai-based Aiways has announced a strategic technical partnership with Blue World Technologies, developers of high-temperature methanol fuel cell systems for automotive applications.

Based in Aalborg, Denmark, and with local facilities in Shanghai, China, on the way, Blue World Technologies designs and manufactures highly efficient methanol fuel cell components and systems. The methanol fuel cell, which was first adapted for the electric Gumpert Aiways Nathalie super sports car, could offer a claimed battery range of up to 1,000km (621 miles) depending on driving conditions.

The development of this high-temperature methanol fuel cell will seek to inform the development of Aiways’s next-generation powertrains, with a particular focus on integration within mass-production BEVs.

“Our move to forge closer ties with Blue World Technologies is a demonstration of our brand’s ambition to drive the development of innovative mobility solutions,” explains Alexander Klose, executive vice president of overseas operations at Aiways.

“The collaboration and engineering innovations already realized on the Gumpert Aiways Nathalie will convince all critics that battery-electric passenger cars can compete against conventional-powered cars in terms of range. We have never been closer to overcoming this prejudice than now.”

“Our cooperation with the forward-thinking Aiways Group will be followed by a major step to extend the range of battery-electric passenger cars,” adds Anders Korsgaard, CEO at Blue World Technologies.

“Our fuel cell runs with 100% liquid methanol, which has zero harmful emissions and is available worldwide through existing infrastructure. When adding our methanol fuel cell system to a vehicle, you can substitute the weight of the battery by a similar amount. Therefore, the battery-electric car will not become heavier, however its range will extend significantly.”

Aiways will make its official European debut at the Geneva International Motor Show on March 5 with its first production model, the all-electric U5 SUV. The U5 will be showcased alongside the Gumpert Aiways Nathalie.


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