BMW to launch new plug-in hybrid 3 Series


BMW has added a plug-in hybrid powertrain to the new 3 Series range. The latest generation of BMW eDrive technology is combined with the four-cylinder TwinPower turbo petrol engine, and the new 330e model also includes BMW’s XtraBoost technology, which temporarily increases the system output power of the plug-in hybrid drive with an additional 41ps. The 330e also increases the electrical range by 50% over its predecessor, and is now capable of 60km of emission-free driving.

The electric motor in the 330e generates a continuous output of 50kW (68ps) and a peak power of 80kW (109ps). The total system output of the vehicle is 252ps and a maximum torque of 420Nm. This enables the 330e to achieve a 0-100km/h time of 6.0 seconds and a top speed of 230km/h.

In Hybrid mode, the 330e can reach a top speed of 110km/h when running on pure-electric power (30km/h faster than the predecessor model). In Electric mode, the vehicle can reach speeds of up to 140km/h (20km/h faster than the previous model).

The 330 now features XtraBoost as standard, which operates in the car’s Sport mode. The electric motor supports the combustion engine in dynamic driving conditions by drawing power from the car’s high-voltage battery, in addition to the e-motor’s continuous output. The XtraBoost capability can be used until the battery reaches minimum charge status, and is also available for kick-down maneuvers and in the M/S drive mode.

The 330e’s electric motor is integrated in the 8-speed Steptronic transmission to save space – the hybrid-specific transmission is only 15mm longer than that found in the ICE 3 Series sedan.

The hybrid features regenerative braking, with the motor switching to generator function, and the energy fed into the HV lithium-ion battery. The battery is positioned under the rear seats, while the fuel tank is located above the rear axle. The high-voltage battery is also used to power a number of vehicle auxiliaries.

The new BMW 330e will launch in the summer of 2019.

BMW to launch new plug-in hybrid 3 Series

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