Electric vehicle battery system company builds emergency power generators to fight coronavirus


With the number of improvised hospitals and test centers growing in the US as it battles the Covid-19 pandemic, an electric mobility battery system manufacturer is providing a solution for emergency power infrastructure in the form of mobile, electric energy generators.

To help health care facilities tap into the necessary power for equipment such as ventilators, Voltabox, which develops battery systems for electric mobility, is shifting production at its Texas facilities towards the manufacture of emergency mobile power generators on a trailer platform.

Government clients and private health care institutions will be given preferential access to the mobile energy storage units, which are based on Voltabox’s lithium-ion battery technology. By installing the robust and scalable battery system on a trailer, a flexible power supply can be established almost anywhere. The solution offers an energy content of 20, 30, 40 or 50 kilowatt-hours, are completely silent and generate no harmful emissions.

“In the current situation, in which the existing, stationary facilities of the healthcare system need to be quickly expanded with improvised solutions, our mobile Emergency Power Units can make an important contribution. We have therefore decided to focus our technology and expertise in this area to combat the current pandemic as a priority,” said Thomas Becker, CEO of Voltabox of North America. “We want to make our contribution in this global emergency.”

As well as its use at field hospitals the mobile energy unit can provide much-needed emergency power for rescue services and police.

“I am hopeful that our solution can deliver real value in an unprecedented global health crisis. Our North American subsidiary also arranges flexible financing options for buyers in the United States and Canada, taking into account the current state of emergency in many communities and regions and making procurement much easier,” added Jürgen Pampel, CEO of Voltabox AG.

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