Faster charging and improved safety for new EV battery series

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Breathe Battery Technologies, the developer of battery enhancement software, has announced a partnership with VARTA, the battery specialist and manufacturer.

Breathe Battery Technologies’ Breathe Charge has been applied to the lithium-ion based battery VARTA Easy Blade 48V, which is primarily used in small and medium sized vehicles like AGVs or forklifts.

The Breathe Charge software is specifically designed for faster charging and improved safety. For the VARTA Easy Blade 48V, it has reduced the charging time of the battery by 27% to 80% state of charge, saving 23 minutes while also allowing storage of 3% more energy in the cells.

In addition, the lifetime of the battery is always retained. The software can be applied to all battery versions of the Easy Blade battery series.

Dr Ian Campbell, CEO at Breathe Battery Technologies: “VARTA is an incredibly forward-thinking company with a great history so it wanted a solution that could both reduce charge time and increase energy stored in its battery. We’re delighted to see Breathe Charge on the Easy Blade 48V system, providing significantly faster charging.”

Breathe and VARTA now want to expand the one-year-old partnership and explore opportunities for the wider uptake of the healthy fast charging technologies.

Alexander Abele, Strategic Product Manager at VARTA: “The software is available from now on and applicable to our other customised battery solutions. We’re happy that, together with Breathe Battery Technologies, we are now able to provide our customers with an even better battery system for their future-driven applications.”

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