GigafactoryX: Advanced 5MWh EV battery manufacturing facility to be built in Poland

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Polish battery system manufacturer, Impact Clean Power Technology, has announced it will begin construction of an advanced EV battery facility called GigafactoryX, which will have a production capacity of 5GWh per year.

GigafactoryX will be one of Europe’s largest producers of battery systems for transportation, with batteries built for public transport, the railroad sector and stationary energy storage for both the professional energy sector and individual users. The investment in the new facility will provide five times more annual production capacity than the company’s current 1MWh.

Power systems manufactured will be based on lithium-ion cells in LTO, LFP and NMC technologies with production lines at the new facility said to be highly automated to improve production efficiency and battery quality, but also to help reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

From a sustainability point of view, the Gigafactory will be powered by photovoltaic installation stabilized by energy storage built from recycled battery systems previously used in public transport. Ultimately, half of the raw materials used in production will also come from recycling.

ICPT confirmed construction of GigafactoryX will involve the employment of approximately 200 new employees. The start of production planned for 2024 will guarantee the security of the supply of battery systems for the world’s largest brands.

“The main goals of our business are safety of transport, respect for the environment and customer trust. We want to further develop the company in new products, as well as diversify our activities and increase production capacity. The decision to start the construction of GigafactoryX confirms our ambitious plans,” said says Bartek Kras, CEO and co-founder of Impact Clean Power Technology. “I am convinced that the construction of this technologically advanced plant will be a strong impulse for the development of the electromobility and renewable energy industry in Poland and worldwide. The GigafactoryX is also the next step in the field of energy production and transformation of public transport and industry, which will consistently reduce CO2 emissions. So far, electric buses powered by batteries from Impact have traveled more than 100 million km, which means a carbon dioxide reduction of about 115 million kg of CO2.”

“According to the forecasts of leading companies analyzing the market, we estimate that in the next five years the growth of demand for battery systems in Europe will be maintained at a double-digit level. Such a significant increase in production capacity will allow us to maintain our position as a leading manufacturer of e-mobility solutions for public transport and industry. For our customers, the GigafactoryX is a guarantee of large order volumes, availability of service and on-time delivery based on the European supply chain,” commented Filip Jankun, sales director at Impact Clean Power Technology.

ICPT deals with the production and integration of advanced battery systems based on lithium-ion cells. The company has three main product lines, which include: heavy-duty battery systems for transport and industry; stationary energy storage for the RES market, professional energy sector and industry and the development of hydrogen fuel cell systems.

The company’s products are used mainly in public transport, as well as in the sector of stationary energy storage, marine applications and industrial robotics. The company’s customers are manufacturers of vehicles based on electric drives, including buses, streetcars, trolleybuses and yachts, as well as companies from the industrial, power (traditional and RES), railroad and telecommunication sectors. In 2021, ICPT held roughly 15% of the European electric bus battery market.

“We have built a very strong team of engineers and professionals in the company, thanks to whom the next generations of innovative battery systems have been developed in our laboratory for years. We supply our products to markets throughout Europe and in the United States and Asia. All over the world, Impact batteries power electric buses, streetcars, trolleybuses and industrial machines. In the area of energy storage, we are involved in groundbreaking RES projects in Poland. Thanks to advanced solutions, we support global activities toward a zero-emission economy, including the upcoming hydrogen revolution,” Kras added.

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