Immersion cooling technology unveiled that ‘unlocks full potential of electric powertrains’

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Xing Mobility is launching a new integrated battery system based on its immersion cooling technology that claims will be able to help unlock the full potential of EV powertrains.

IMMERSIOTM XM25 comprises a battery pack, battery management system and an active safety module. The system is suited to heavy-duty commercial applications, such as electrified vehicles used in logistics, construction, agriculture, and mining sectors.

IMMERSIOTM XM25 is being unveiled at the Battery Show Europe 2022 in Stuttgart, Germany this week. The launch of the new integrated battery system builds on its IMMERSIOTM 1.0 modular battery system, which debuted in 2019. It is equipped with active suppression against thermal runaway, 1C/1.67C in charging/discharging, and 3,000+ cycle life. It can serve up to 800V by string. Xing Mobility also acquires UN38.3 and ECE R100 certificates.

Xing Mobility has partnered with Castrol, a wholly owned subsidiary of BP p.l.c., on the deployment of Castrol ON EV Thermal Fluid with its 21700 NMC battery cells. The immersion cooling design is highly durable, maximising battery safety and performance.

Immersion cooling technology induces 100% cell-to-coolant contact, which delivers improved temperature uniformity and allows battery cells to reach their optimal performance levels while remaining extremely lightweight. The technology facilitates super-fast charging and almost double the cycle life in real-world conditions (Photo: XING Mobility)

IMMERSIOTM XM25 is currently being integrated into an electric light commercial vehicle by an as yet unnamed commercial vehicle maker based in Asia, with production slated to begin in late 2022. Castrol ON EV Thermal Fluid is circulated through the XING Mobility battery system, in direct contact with battery cells and with a dynamic flow rate to provide battery thermal management and optimal efficiency. IMMERSIOTM XM25 is designed to meet the operational and safety requirements of commercial applications.

Royce YC Hong, Co-founder & CEO of Xing Mobility, said: “This type of immersion technology will become increasingly important for unlocking the full potential of electrified powertrains, powering the global mobility revolution. IMMERSIOTM XM25 is ready for the most demanding applications – including commercial vehicles and heavy equipment. We look forward to collaborating with our partners and customers to accelerate the electrification transformation for all business fleets.”

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