‘Smart electrodes’ hold the key to next-generation electric vehicle batteries

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A battery tech company could present a potential turning point for electric cars as it claims that it is able to improve the performance of any battery chemistry to achieve double the capacity, while also slashing charging time by half and increasing life by 150%

Addionics, an Israel-based startup, revealed its chemistry-agnostic approach that redesigns battery architecture with electrode technology to drastically improve the performance of battery technologies including solid-state, lithium-ion and silicon, which would herald a new generation of EV batteries.

The company announced a partnership with multinational materials company, Saint-Gobain to co-develop the next-generation solid-state lithium-ion batteries.

The partnership aims to offer major improvements in EV battery performance, such as longer driving range, fast charging, enhanced safety and lower production costs.

Saint-Gobain’s initial technological breakthrough with its novel solid-state battery components enables safer battery operation and low-cost manufacturing by simplifying the production flow and eliminating intermediate processes. Saint-Gobain’s electrolytes have demonstrated high Li-ion conductivity comparable with the state-of-the-art solid electrolytes and offer additional potential performance, manufacturing and economic benefits.

Addionics’ smart 3D electrode technology enables enhanced electrical current collection across the volume of thick battery electrodes and improved material usage leading to a boost in battery energy density and cycle life, as already demonstrated in more conventional battery platforms. Addionics’ technology also helps solve the interfacial resistance issues commonly observed in solid-state batteries.

“We believe our unique solid-state electrolyte technology will offer enhanced safety and performance for next generation batteries with the potential for low cost manufacturing,” said Dr. Mark Hampden-Smith, VP, business and technology strategy, Saint-Gobain Ceramics.

“Using our battery technology, applications such as electric vehicles can deliver better performance,” said Dr. Moshiel Biton, CEO, Addionics. “The technology enables us to save costs, achieve high performance and generate less waste. We start with cars but go beyond; our technology can support the creation of a better environment and a more sustainable future.”

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