Delta’s 200kW ultra-fast charger aimed at next-gen electric vehicles


To keep up with EVs with longer range and ability to take faster charging times, power and thermal management expert Delta, has released its next-generation 200kW Ultra Fast Charger (UFC200) in the Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA) region.

Delta’s UFC200, which is capable of enabling a 100km driving range with roughly 8 minutes of charging, aims to serve next-generation EVs, e-trucks and e-buses in a broad range of applications such as highways, parking lots, service stations, logistics companies as well as urban traffic hubs. With its modular power system design, remote accessibility for improved uptime service, and its backend compatibility with most of the EV charging network management systems in the market, Delta’s UFC200 EV charger will prove to be an ideal solution for EV charging site operators in EMEA.

Vincent Lin, senior director of e-mobility & smart energy solutions business development, Delta EMEA, stated: “Foreseeing more and more EV coming to the market with extended driving range, we have not only extended the existing product line of UFC 150kW to 200kW, but have also integrated a credit card payment solution, as well as a mechanism to adhere to Germany’s Eichrecht MID-metering calibration rules, to make this product ideal for charging point operators (CPOs) and fleet charging requirements.”

The UFC200 can support charging voltages of up to 1000V, while the platform’s modular concept enables it to scale-up to 200kW, which is supporting optimization of the CAPEX on the complete fast charging network using the same platform with different power configuration and taking the benefit of synergy on service and support. Also, no building permits are required when scaling-up from an initial configuration to 200kW. It has also been designed to be easy to upgrade its power capability by additional rectifier modules.

To help CPOs meet the challenge of having the appropriate charging resources in place while offers the convenience of simultaneous charging of multiple vehicles using a single infrastructure.

Its 200kW capacity can be split into two 100kW outputs to enable two EVs to be charged simultaneously via the innovative non-liquid cooled 400A high power CCS cable/connector system. This temperature controlled high power connector system can supply extra power when the EV’s battery system is at low charge without oversizing the system. In extreme environments and very frequent usage, the power will be automatically reduced to keep the cable/connector temperature in a safe range for the user. An inbuilt extra patented safety concept is protecting against excess temperatures, even if the temperature control of the EV charger would fail. At 400A charging current, the charging station efficiency can be improved up to 1.2% compared to a standard liquid cooled cable system due to the reduced copper loss (without taking additional power consumption of a cooling system in account).

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