EV charging hub with solar and energy storage installed in Scotland


The UK’s first and largest purpose-built vehicle charging hub with solar power and energy storage has been installed. The hub, located in the city center of Dundee in Scotland, was installed by eVolt, a national supplier of EV charging units.

The hub features rapid charging units, 18 bays of solar canopies and an integrated energy storage system utilizing second-life EV batteries. The location also saw eVolt install six of its Raption 50kW Rapid Chargers, capable of charging two vehicles simultaneously in approximately 30 minutes, and three 22kW eVolve chargers.

“We are so excited to have completed our latest EV infrastructure project as we continue to drive our e-mobility vision,” said Fraser Crichton, transport officer at Dundee City Council. “With over 100 pure-electric taxis in the city this hub will be vital to support our taxi fleet as well as benefitting the wider EV community.”

The new hub is the second of three to be introduced in Dundee this year. The first hub was introduced at the city’s Aimer Square in April and has been used frequently since its launch. Six rapid chargers and two eVolve chargers will also be installed at Queen Street car park later this year.

“This is the first hub of its kind, combining EV charging, solar canopies and energy storage, we are proud to be supporting Dundee Council’s project to lower emissions and to encourage more people to make the switch to sustainable e-mobility,” said Justin Meyer, general manager of eVolt UK.

EV charging hub with solar and energy storage installed in Scotland

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