Here Technologies unveils new service giving greater visibility into charge point availability

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The world’s leading location data and technology platform Here Technologies have announced an innovative new service that predicts the availability of electric vehicle (EV) public charge points to mitigate range anxiety in the ever-increasing number of EV drivers.

The charge point prediction feature incorporates both EV infrastructure supply and real-world user demand, while also factoring in other variables. This supplements the existing Here EV Charge Points offering that has been deployed globally with many manufacturers.

EV adoption has boomed across markets globally, creating extraordinary demand for charging infrastructure and solutions to help drivers plan charging time more efficiently. Widespread consumer adoption, outpacing EV sales may also create near-term scarcity in charge point availability.

An applied Machine Learning (ML) algorithm combines GPS probes, vehicle sensor data and correlated historical time/day, weather, and traffic pattern data, to power the Here EV Charge Points’ prediction capability. This enables Here to have a granular view of EV charge point user patterns and surrounding traffic conditions. The volume of real-world data provides a virtuous loop of ML training data for Here to continually improve the prediction service.

Here aggregates data from more than 90% of the public charging operators. Big data experts at Here normalize and conflate these diverse and complex data sources to create a dynamic graph model of the world’s supply of public EV charge points.

“EV drivers are navigating a patchwork of infrastructure, with various plug types, pricing, and little understanding of when a charge point is occupied,” said Chris Handley, Vice President of Dynamic Spatial Content at Here Technologies. “This feature is focused on delivering a much-needed tool for EV drivers to more confidently plan their day and waste less time on charging.”

Here helps EV drivers mitigate range anxiety through dynamic services for vehicle range, routing, and charging. With the new charge point availability prediction, drivers can not only experience their existing intelligent routing and charge point POI data from Here, but also have greater visibility into whether the charge point will be available by the time they arrive for a charge up.

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