NewMotion and Chargepoint allow EV drivers to use each other’s charging network

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Electric vehicle charging companies NewMotion and Chargepoint are taking strides to make life more simple for EV owners by announcing a partnership that will allows use of each other’s charging stations without needing separate accounts.

The roaming agreement will open up more charging points for customers of both networks, and help solve logistical challenges of EV charging by offering a combined network of over 152,000 charging stations in the UK. Before the end of the year, the partnership will mean users will no long have to sign up to each network, and can take advantage of both on a single account.

“This partnership is a big step forward for the UK’s public charging network and we hope to see a positive effect on the ease of use by EV drivers. We are pleased to offer our UK drivers additional access to ChargePoint, Inc’s network that includes a good few hundred rapid chargers. With this we’re able to expand our European charging network that already includes over 118,000 charge points,” said Sytse Zuidema, CEO of NewMotion.

“This roaming agreement further accelerates the seamless integration of individual EV fuelling networks and brings us even closer to the day when all people and goods will be transported by electricity,” said Christopher Burghardt, managing director, Europe at ChargePoint. “With the growing global footprint of more than 100,000 places to charge on our network alone and access to an additional 70,000 places to charge in Europe, we continue to implement solutions that make the transition to electric more seamless for drivers and businesses. Partnerships like this not only allow us to expand access to charging, but is another example of how cross-industry collaboration is essential in paving the way to an all-electric mobility future.”

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