Nordic EV start-up Wattif EV to provide UK with charging points where people actually park

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Norwegian electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure start-up Wattif EV has set out its plans to play a leading role in the UK network for destination chargers by 2030. Having recently installed its first UK charging points in the UK and secured a €50m investment, the company plans to play a leading role in the UK network, by providing destination charge points where people park, rather than forcing EV drivers to park where they can charge. In doing this, Wattif EV seeks to accelerate the electrification of the UK parking network by providing hassle-free access to charging infrastructure.

Simultaneously, Wattif EV provides the car parks’ landlord or owner the choice of several finance models whereby they can benefit from a share of net revenue, while rolling out a wider geographical range of ‘fast’ charge points which are cheaper to install and use than the traditional and more expensive, rapid charging options. Wattif EV claim this is a unique win: win for those hosting the charging network and those car drivers using it.

In late-2022, Wattif EV UK switched on its first UK charge points in Cambridge and is about to switch on more just outside Leeds, with Scotland next in its plan. Further to these early-adopted locations, Wattif EV is in discussion to expand exponentially with contract negotiations underway that could deliver thousands of Wattif EV-managed stations in the next 18 months.

“To hit the UK’s 2030 EV targets there needs to be strong support from business, local authorities and Government to establish a coordinated strategy delivering EV cars, EV infrastructure and EV battery supply,” said Robert Svendsen, Wattif EV CEO. “Actions speak louder than words and I believe business must lead this charge given all the pressures on the UK Government right now: our strong end to 2022 and start to 2023 shows that Wattif EV is ideally placed to be a critical path to that ambition. Our Norwegian-based expertise and focus on what’s best for the owner of EVs and EV chargers to fit charging into their daily lives are key. Charging en-route at service stations is not viable long-term – charging without thinking, planning, or worrying, at home and destination, is key to driving growth of EV sales.”

Wattif EV is an end-to-end provider and a key enabler in the global shift to EV mobility. It is a Norwegian-founded company with a global market arena. Being Nordic, it has the insight and experience of a trailblazing country, ahead of the curve, where 90% of new car sales are electric.

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