Renault to test innovative charging technologies across Europe


Renault is on a mission to transform the future of electric vehicle charging as it launches its Incit-EV project, which will introduce innovative technologies across Europe in collaboration with 32 leading companies and institutions.

Seven charging technologies, including induction and bidirectional systems, will be tested in specifically-chosen locations across Europe with the aim to promote electromobility via user-centric experiments.

Along with thirty-two leading industrial companies, universities, institutes, cities, start-ups, and SMEs, Renault’s Incit-EV project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program to address for all types of charging solutions.

Groupe Renault is coordinating this initiative and over 48 months from January 2020 through December 2023, the Incit-EV project will be broken down into two primary phases:

Phase 1 will first involve analyzing user needs and requirements, followed in April 2020 by an assessment of charging technologies and their integration into infrastructure.

Phase 2 will focus on 7 tech demonstrations on selected sites and will run from the second half of 2022 to the end of the project.

The list of charging technology solutions are as follows:

Dynamic induction charging system for the urban environment in Paris, France

High voltage charging systems in the outskirts of Tallinn, Estonia

Optimized bidirectional “smart charging” in Amsterdam and Utrecht, the Netherlands

Dynamic induction charging system in peri-urban/long-range areas in Versailles, France

A charging hub in a carpark for car-share vehicles in the outskirts of Turin, Italy

Low voltage bidirectional charging (for two-wheeled vehicles also) and dynamic charging in taxi lanes located at the airport and central station in Zaragoza, Spain

“As Europe’s pioneering electric vehicle company, Groupe Renault is known for being an innovative company that cares about customers,” said Xavier Serrier, project manager for the electric vehicle charging systems in Groupe Renault’s Research department. “The Incit-EV project we launched is a large demonstration of user-centric urban and long-range charging solutions to boost an engaging deployment of electric vehicles in Europe.”

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