VW adds more electric vehicle charging points in Germany


As part of Volkswagen’s pledge to install 4,000 charging points at its German sites by 2025, it has seen the first batch of 60 switched on in Braunschweig.

The automotive giant is investing some €250m (US$277m) in expanding the charging infrastructure at its facilities, workplaces, and locations for Volkswagen employees, as part of an offensive for electric vehicles.

The 60 charging points are located on the Ohefeld parking lot bordering on the site. The charging power level is 11kW and the charging center uses a Type 2 plug, the European standard system. The sole source of power for charging is Volkswagen Naturstrom from renewable sources. The power has been certified by TÜV Nord and is 100% CO2-free, originating from sources such as wind and hydropower. Further charging centers will be successively phased in at the other German sites by 2025.

“Adequate facilities for charging at the workplace are an important element in our electric offensive. Going forward, charging their electric vehicles while they are at work will be easy and convenient for our employees. We are demonstrating how the gradual transition to e-mobility can succeed,” said Thomas Ulbrich, member of the Volkswagen brand board of management responsible for e-mobility.

Charging at the workplace is becoming increasingly important because it is a good alternative for all those who cannot charge at home. Going forward, some 20% of all charging operations could take place at the workplace.

“Employees will be able to refuel while they work. And at the same time, these charging points will also be available to other electric vehicle users. This is an excellent model that should set a precedent. We will also need more public charging options going forward. However, demand for charging stations cannot be primarily covered by such public facilities. Conditions for installing private charging points should be improved, and companies should contribute to that. I would like to thank Volkswagen AG for sending such a strong signal,” said Braunschweig’s Mayor, Ulrich Markurth.

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