Xpeng Motors announces supercharging partnership with TELD


Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer Xpeng Motors has teamed up with China’s largest charging network as part of a supercharging partnership.

Backed by the likes of Alibaba Group and IDG Capital, Xpeng Motors is a major player in the Chinese EV market and produces the country’s most-sold model – the G3.

Now, to support the ongoing growth of electrification, it has announced a nationwide charging network partnership today, starting operation of their first jointly built supercharging station in Qingdao.

As part of the partnership, charging and related payment data will be shared between Xpeng and TELD countrywide. Xpeng’s APP has access to TELD’s 50,000 charging stations in 183 cities in China, allowing customers to search TELD’s charging facilities using Xpeng’s APP or vehicles.

Xpeng Motors is also the first new electric vehicle maker in China to utilize TELD’s technology that monitors and analyses the charging data in real-time, allowing detection of any abnormal data and triggering of the active protection mechanism to maximize safety protection for the vehicle.

“Xpeng Motors and TELD are pioneering a new model and the partnership represents a win-win opportunity, leveraging the strength and capability of frontrunners in the smart vehicle sector and new energy power sector,” said He Xiaopeng, chairman and CEO of Xpeng Motors.

Xpeng Motors has built 76 supercharging stations across 18 cities in China so far. The partnership with TELD forms part of its plan to offer 200 supercharging stations in 30 cities for its customers in 2019.

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