Semikron and Danfoss announce merger

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Semikron and Danfoss Silicon Power have announced a joining of forces to form one company that will produce power semiconductor modules as Semikron Danfoss.

With an existing workforce of more than 3,500 dedicated power electronic specialists, Semikron Danfoss will provide technology expertise to its customer base. The merger comes with a strong growth plan and a firm commitment to future investments, paving the way for green growth and a more sustainable, energy efficient, and decarbonized future.

The newly formed Semikron Danfoss joint business will be owned by the current owner-families of Semikron and the Danfoss Group, with Danfoss being the majority owner. Semikron Danfoss will retain the two main locations in Germany, Nuremberg and Flensburg. All global subsidiaries, production sites, as well as distribution channels will continue.

Claus A. Petersen has been appointed CEO of Semikron Danfoss. “Semikron Danfoss will inspire the future. The timing of the new company is perfect. With strong growth in our key markets – automotive, industry and renewables – the merger is a great opportunity for customers, partners, and our employees. Also, with the emerging technology transition from Silicon to Silicon Carbide, we are set to become the strongest partner of our customers.”

Karl-Heinz Gaubatz stepped down from his position as CEO of Semikron on August 22 to focus on his role as CTO and support the merger process until his planned retirement at the end of this year. “This truly is an exciting moment for Semikron and Danfoss Silicon Power! This merger is the perfect solution for everyone involved,” says Karl-Heinz Gaubatz. “We have succeeded to position Semikron as a market leader in industrial- and renewable-power module applications with 2021 as one of the most successful years in our history. It is only right that we now join forces with an equally driven and innovative company.”

Danfoss President and CEO Kim Fausing will be chairman of the board of Semikron Danfoss. “Electrification is one of the main drivers in the green transition, and Semikron Danfoss technologies are key components within industry, renewable energy, and automotive traction. Combining more than 90 years of technology leadership in power module packaging, we have the passion, competencies, technologies, and commitment to become the preferred decarbonizing partner for customers.”

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