Groupe PSA commits to platform for future alternative energies


Groupe PSA and the University of Orleans have renewed its OpenLab Energetics contract for a further four years where they will share expertise and research into alternative energy and powertrain technology to reduce CO2 emissions.

Created in 2011, the partnership aims to consolidate expertise in energy conversion, propulsion system efficiency and electrified powertrain optimisation.

Eric Lalliard, Groupe PSA’s chief scientific officer, said: “Groupe PSA’s strategy has long been founded on close contact between the academic and industrial worlds. Extending our scientific partnership through this experimental platform must allow us to identify the best responses to the challenge of climate change we are facing, through a comprehensive lifecycle assessment of powertrains and the associated energy sectors.”

Over the eight years it has existed, OpenLab Energetics has overseen a shared scientific programme totalling US$4.4m (€4m), 10 PhD students, 5 hires by Groupe PSA, 80 scientific articles and patents and 5 funded projects.

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