A-Z list of major automotive OEM factory closures due to coronavirus crisis


As coronavirus (Covid-19) continues to sweep across the globe, the impact it is having on the automotive industry is seeing manufacturing from OEMs to Tier 1s, all the way to the bottom of the supply chain come to a standstill. Currently, every major OEM has ceased production at its assembly plants, this list reveals the extent of the devastation the virus has had on the auto world.

One-by-one, the world’s biggest car producers have been stricken by the coronavirus fallout, with many OEMs suspending work at its plants for a number of weeks. It is an unthinkable situation, with one of the first shocks to hit the motoring industry when the Geneva Motor Show was canceled, and since then a snowball effect has occurred postponing major sporting events such as Formula 1 and Formula E.

Here, we have an A-Z of automotive manufacturers that have shut its factory doors and for how long:

Automobili Lamborghini: Closed until 25 March 2020

Bentley: Its factory in Crewe, UK is closed until April 10 at earliest

BMW: All European plants closed until April 19

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA): It European plants, which includes subsidiaries such as Maserati are closed until March 27. Its US plants are closed until the end of March

Ferrari: Closed until March 27

Ford: European production sites in Cologne and Saarlouis in Germany, together with the Craiova facility in Romania, will temporarily halt production for an unspecified number of weeks. In the UK, it will close its factories in Dagenham and Bridgend for four weeks as of March 23 and 25, respectively. In the US, its Michigan assembly plant has closed temporarily after a worker tested positive for Covid-19.

GM: All North American plants to close until March 30

Groupe PSA: All European production plants closed until March 27

Groupe Renault: All European sites will cease production until further notice

Honda: US production to cease until March 31, while its UK factory has closed until at least April 6.

Hyundai: US plant closed after a worker tested positive for Covid-19. Plants in South Korea had closed at the beginning of February but are slowly resuming production

Jaguar Land Rover: Manufacturing sites in UK to close until April 20

Nissan: UK site in Sunderland closed on March 17 with no date mentioned for re-opening. Nissan shut it Japanese factory in early February due to a shortage of parts from China. It is now slowly resuming service.

Tesla: Closing operations at its factory in Fremont, California for at least three weeks as of March 24.

Toyota: All plants in the US and Canada will close until April 6, while it shut four factories in China from late January, as of February 25 it has restarted them all.

Volvo cars: Four plants in China were closed from early January through to early February, while European sites have closed until April 5, and US sites suspended until April 14

Volkswagen Group: All of its European sites have closed for at least two weeks as of March 17.

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