New UK manufacturer to launch full-electric scooter

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A new British vehicle manufacturer will be launching a fully electric, high-performance scooter in Q2 2019. The i300, produced by Zapp, is powered by a 14kW air-cooled interior PM electric motor, and produces 587Nm of torque at the back wheel. The scooter’s lightweight construction (it weighs 90kg) makes it possible for the i300 to cover the 0-30mph (0-48km/h) sprint in less than 2.4 seconds.

A pair of lithium-ion batteries can be unplugged from the vehicle, making it possible for owners to connect the batteries to a household power supply to charge. The i300 features selectable regenerative motor braking, which recovers energy when the throttle is disengaged. The battery pack was created for the scooter, with the 48V unit’s packaging designed to aid cooling and reliability.

Standard range for the i300 is 35 miles (56km) and a full charge via household 240V power supply takes less than three hours.

The motor is stored within the structure of the bike, removing the need for a body shell under the seat. Opting for a PM motor means the unit does not have rotor windings, offering an efficiency gain over conventional AC induction motors.

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