Nissan reveals Juke hybrid rally car

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Nissan has turned the design concept of a rally-going Juke into a reality, which is powered by the hybrid powertrain that will feature in its upcoming production road car.

The Nissan Juke Hybrid Rally Tribute was revealed with a powertrain that consists of a new generation, Nissan internal combustion engine specifically developed for working in a hybrid powertrain application. It produces 69kW (94hp) and 148Nm of torque.

On the electric side, the main electric motor produces 36kW (49hp) and 205Nm of torque, while there is a 15kW contribution from a high voltage starter/generator, all of which is fed by a 1.2kWh water-cooled battery. The net result is a powertrain providing 25% more power than the current petrol engine option, with a fuel consumption reduction of approximately 40% in the urban cycle, and up to 20% combined.

Also carried over from the production version of the Juke Hybrid is an advanced low friction multi-modal gearbox that provides optimal use of the propulsive power, whether electric, petrol engine, or both.

To reduce friction, this motorsport-inspired gearbox uses dog clutches instead of conventional synchronizer rings to shift the 4 “ICE” gears and 2 “EV” gears. Additionally, to reduce friction, this gearbox does not use a clutch. All vehicle starts are 100% electric, and the 2 EV motors are used in combination to synchronize the gears, delivering smooth, connected and responsive acceleration.

The gearbox is controlled by an advanced algorithm, managing the shift points, battery regeneration, as well as the advanced series-parallel architecture. The powertrain can seamlessly navigate through different hybridization combinations (series, parallel, series-parallel) according to acceleration and power requirements and without any driver input.

The car uses Shell Helix Hybrid, a high-performance engine oil which is designed to provide specialist protection for hybrid engines. It provides longer protection for the car’s hybrid engine due to its antioxidation properties, as well as the condensed water and acid in its formulation protecting against rust and corrosion.

Shell is also supplying a new and innovative biofuel for the Tribute car. The biofuel is made from 33% renewable components which generate CO2 savings of at least 20% compared to conventional gasoline. Shell will compensate for the remaining lifecycle CO2 emissions of by purchasing appropriate certificates from selected climate protection programmes, known as Nature Based Solutions.

“As part of our commitment to electrify our range, this year will see an unprecedented wave of new Nissan electrified powertrains and vehicles. As well as the new JUKE Hybrid, we will also introduce our boldly innovative e-POWER drivetrain on the Qashqai crossover. We’ve already started taking orders for our new flagship Ariya EV, while the Townstar Light Commercial EV will go on sale later this year. And in the second half of the year, the all-new X-Trail Crossover will also be introduced,” said Coralie Musy, vice president of brand and customer experience, Nissan’s AMIEO region.

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