Work Truck Week 2023: SEA Electric Truck development

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SEA Electric’s showcase at Work Truck Week 2023 will feature major OEM partnership agreement announcements, with the prototype SEA SV6 EV chassis to be displayed at the 2023 event, scheduled for March 7-10 in Indianapolis, Indiana. The platform underwent power unit testing in February.

The next steps for the vehicle will be to have its body installed and undertake further durability testing, scheduled for completion by July this year. Production of the platform is set to commence in Q4 2023, with an initial run of 100 units.

“Our product and engineering teams have been working overtime to deliver a real game changer in the final mile delivery space,” said Tony Fairweather, SEA Electric CEO and Founder. “Through the SEA SV6 EV, suburban transport fleets will have access to proven technology that has been adapted directly for their needs, as supported by a global knowledge bank which has been developed with products now operational on five continents.

The medium‐voltage architecture and electronic thermal management provides light, cost‐effective and efficient. The system has been field- tested across seven countries with over 2.5 million miles of real-world use registered to date (Photo: SEA Electric)

System Design

Inside the cabin is a new digital instrument cluster, plus enhanced ergonomics from a next-gen steering wheel. SEA Electric says its proprietary SEA-Drive power-system provides leading all-electric range, driving performance, and environmental credentials, with zero local emissions of carbon dioxide, methane or nitrous oxide. “Our early entry into the commercial electrification field is now paying dividends, with our mature technology now finding marketplace success in the truck, bus and light commercial vehicle segments,” said Tony Fairweather, SEA Electric CEO and Founder.

Industry Cooperation

This system has also been adapted to electrify a wide range of additional vehicle ancillary functions, such as the hydraulic systems found on refuse vehicles, elevated work platforms, tippers and tilt trays. (Photo: SEA Electric)

In January this year, SEA Electric signed a Memorandum of Understanding with MEVCO, a leading systems integrator focused exclusively on electric light commercial vehicles within the mining industry, for the supply of 8,500 SEA Drive powered HiLux and LandCruiser models over the next five years. The deal has a total value of over $US700 million.

In 2022, SEA Electric produced a first-in-market all-electric aviation refueller, which now services the busy Brisbane International Airport, uplifting Jet-A1. The refueller can carry over 18,000l of aviation fuel, with all onboard pumps and functions fully electrified, with the management of the systems provided by the integrated SEA-Drive power-system.

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