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Dewesoft – Electric Vehicle and E-drive Testing

Dewesoft is a leading provider of data acquisition and analysis solutions that are used in the most advanced labs all over the world.

Dewesoft supplies advanced and easy to use solutions for complete electric and hybrid vehicle testing in the development, validation, and production. This includes one-stop solutions for electric motor and inverter testing, battery and battery charge testing, combustion analysis, hydrogen engine testing, and more.

The Dewesoft Power Analyzer offers combined electric motor and inverter testing with a high number of voltage and current input channels. A single device can measure up to eight 3-phase systems along with temperature, vibration, RPM, torque, CAN, etc. synchronized.
Dewesoft electric vehicle testing

This analyzer allows measuring every type of motor (1-12 phase) and inverter (DC-AC, AC-AC, switching frequencies up to some 100 kHz). The modular DAQ system permits synchronized measurements (AC or DC) at multiple points for a comprehensive analysis of any electric drivetrain.

The high sampling rate and bandwidth enable the measurement of wireless in-wheel motors, while the small physical size of the hardware, means the efficiency of electric motorcycles and electric two-wheelers can be measured under real driving conditions.

Dewesoft all-in-one hybrid engine analyzer

The Dewesoft Power Analyzer can also be used for the development of batteries: efficiency analysis, cell characterization, endurance tests, crash tests, short-circuit analysis, overheating/overloading tests, aging tests, etc. as well as for monitoring applications: data logging, transient recording, charge-discharge analysis, etc.

Dewesoft even offers a one-stop solution for hybrid engine testing. Our Combustion Analyzer allows a detailed analysis of the combustion engine while the Power Analyzer covers electric motor, inverter, and batteries – all with a single DAQ system. Dewesoft power testing applications

Dewesoft power testing applications

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