Touchscreen technology for ultra-fast electric vehicle charging stations

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With the increasing number of electric vehicle charging stations appearing on city streets, in car parks, outside shopping malls and service stations, the need for an easy-to-use and understand interface  is essential.

Technology from Zytronic, a maker of digital displays uses in applications such as ATMS, gaming machines and signage, has created a rugged capacitive touch display for use in charging stations that is built provide a more contemporary experience and withstand all-weather use.

The 8in custom printed touch sensor is currently found on the Circontrol Raption Series of chargers, which are found in 56 countries.

“Electric car charging stations must be robust enough to work in any weather, all year round, and provide an easy to use, customer friendly interface. A key attribute to our Raption series is its ease of use, and being installed in mainly outdoor, unattended locations, we had to select components that would continue to deliver that usability, whatever the weather,” said Victor Hernando, product manager of Circontrol.

Many users of charging stations will be experiencing the technology for the first time, so the introduction of a touchscreen GUI that offers straightforward, easy-to-read, instructions and information is critical.

The 8in Zytronic touchscreen on the Raption Series from Circontrol is made using anti-glare etched glass to aid daylight readability of the display. The height and location of the display and connectors have been carefully considered to ensure easy access and viewability for all, including disabled users.

“We are very proud of our new generation of chargers, which offer a contemporary, slim design that makes them ideal for modern city deployments worldwide,” said Hernando.

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