Inside Rivian


Rivian’s CEO, Robert Scaringe, provides a look behind the scenes of the electric vehicle start-up company, which is aiming to redefine the truck and SUV market with its RS1.

As Rivian prepares for the launch of the fully-electric adventure vehicle, those involved talk about the company’s beginnings, how its project evolved from sportscar to SUV, and the technology and engineering involved. The video is first in a series of videos from the company.

Built on a skateboard platform that has a modular design that can be scaled, the Rivian RS1 uses all-new technology, including a new battery, which provides over 400 miles of range and 0-60mph acceleration “faster than almost any Ferrari ever made”. What makes the RS1 even more remarkable is that the company was started by just one person, Robert Scaringe, in 2009 at the age of just 26.

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