Researchers create additive to extend life of lithium-ion batteries


The life of electric vehicle batteries could be set to get a boost thanks to the launch of a new innovative additive that extends lithium-ion longevity.

With the majority of electric vehicle owners plugging in daily after being drained, lithium-ion batteries will be subject to degradation over time, much the same as consumer electronics devices.

To combat this, Croda International has introduced Hypermer Volt 4000, which works by distributing conductive carbon on battery electrodes more evenly, which has undergone third-party testing to show a 41% increase in battery capacity after charge and discharge compared with the typical industry solution of polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP). This, therefore, helps maximize the lifetime of the battery and may contribute to countering fears from potential EV consumers of having to replace vehicles prematurely.

“A key challenge in fast charging and the much-discussed V2X charging technology is battery degradation. Once EVs are more mainstream, there will be a greater demand from consumers to protect their energy storage assets alongside the convenience of fast charging. Protecting battery health is a key challenge to overcome in satisfying these end-user needs,” said Renée van Schijndel, EMEA sales manager of Croda Energy Technologies.

The additive was shown to be effective in all common battery formulations, including NMC, LFP and LCO. The new material will be able to help support the battery and electrification challenges faces worldwide, and meet the expectations of end-users.

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