‘Shopping cart’ style electric vehicle concept revealed at CES 2020

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An urban mobility car-sharing solution that stacks compact electric vehicles like shopping carts has been unveiled.

Called Kiwee, the system from European innovation company CEA uses two-seater electric vehicles that can be used for a number of applications from last-mile solutions, city center use, airport terminal transit, or mobility on private sites.

But, the clever feature of Kiwee is the ability to park and store by connecting to each other in a train of eight, much like how shopping carts are stored at supermarkets, and all be charged from the lead vehicle plugging into a single charging point. This neat solution means that multiple charging outlets would not have to be installed at a great cost to support the car share system. Another neat aspect of Kiwee is that only one driver is required to transport all eight cars and can move with the need for a track by following the lead vehicle.

This car-sharing system brings compact electric vehicles to users either at dedicated pickup points or on a free-floating basis. Kiwee is designed for users in downtown and suburban areas seeking a non-polluting solution for their public transportation or carpooling journeys.

Kiwee is part of a number of never-seen-before technologies revealed at CES 2020, all developed entirely in its French labs by high-level PhDs and engineers to answer mobility and smart cities issues.

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