WAE Technologies aim to optimize all EVs with new battery intelligence software

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WAE Technologies (WAE), the world-leading technology and engineering services business, have announced the launch of Elysia, its battery intelligence software designed to improve the life, safety, usable energy, power, and rapid charging times of battery systems.
Elysia offers battery optimization, insight, and management from the automotive, commercial vehicle and e-mobility sectors to stationary energy storage and beyond. WAE’s have utilized its experience in high-performance batteries, gleaned from the electric motorsport series, as well as the design and development of batteries for electric hypercars and mining trucks. Elysia is the first mass market software offering from WAE, combining a suite of innovations that can unlock the true potential of any battery.

State-of-the-art embedded and cloud-based products will provide automotive OEMs, fleet operators and battery asset financiers with unprecedented access to battery insights, allowing them to manage, optimise and enhance performance across the battery’s entire lifecycle, both in the vehicle and in ‘second life’ applications such as stationary grid storage.

“The battery in any electric vehicle represents the single most valuable system by far,” said Joe Jones, Elysia Commercial Lead. “Better understanding of battery systems will transform how we manage them, to realise their full potential. Elysia opens a new era of electrification, born on the racetrack, but designed for the real world. We are providing easy to interpret, actionable battery insights to give OEMs, fleets, and battery asset financiers unprecedented transparency, allowing them to optimise a battery and improve its performance and the value it delivers over the course of its life.”

Elysia is built upon a unique combination of AI and data science, fused with electrochemical modelling expertise, whilst being grounded in unrivalled real-world battery engineering and development experience.

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