Momentum Dynamics and GreenPower Motor Company to build wirelessly-charged electric buses


A collaboration has been announced between a wireless charging specialist and an electric commercial vehicle manufacturer that will develop and sell wirelessly charged electric shuttle buses to explore the potential of the technology.

Momentum Dynamics and GreenPower Motor Company have announced a three-year OEM agreement where it will integrate high-power wireless charging on a purpose-built mini shuttle capable of transporting 19 passengers. The EV Star bus has a nominal range of 150 miles and by adding automated wireless charging capability the bus dramatically increases its operational range without the need for operator intervention.

The wirelessly-equipped buses receive a charge automatically when the vehicle engages with a ground transmitter which can be located on route, at a hub or at a transit depot. The system adds charge to vehicles while the bus is stationed at a transit stop and therefore the bus always remains on route and in service. Wireless charging improves route efficiency and provides buses with infinite range, giving operators greater route flexibility when compared with plug-in systems.

“Wireless Charging is inherently flexible, and we are delighted to extend our wireless charging offering into smaller-size shuttle bus fleets with the great people at GreenPower Motor Company. We are proud to offer the first inductive charging solution to this market”, said Momentum CEO Andrew Daga. “Our companies share in the excitement and huge market potential of wirelessly charged electric shuttle buses where automated fast charge capabilities are important.”

With EV transit buses predicted to outsell ICE buses 6 to 1 by 2030, the utilization of wireless charging will help alleviate range anxiety fears and restrictions.

The GreenPower EV Star with Momentum Dynamics wireless charging technology will be sold throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe.

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