Volta Trucks announces Magtec as drive system partner

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Swedish technology startup Volta Trucks, has partnered with Magtec – a UK designer and manufacturer of EV drive systems to develop the drive system of the first prototype of its fully-electric truck.

Volta is developing fully electric trucks for commercial use within and around urban areas: ensuring safety by design, while removing air and sound pollution from city streets.

Volta trucks will be custom-made according to order requirements and feature a unique ‘Truck-as-a-Service’ rental model. Street pilots will be carried out in partnership with selected retailers in London and Paris in 2021.

Through electrification, Volta vehicles make 50% less noise and produce zero tailpipe emissions. Beyond reducing environmental impacts, the removal of bulky diesel engines has allowed Volta Trucks to radically redesign its vehicles, ensuring increased safety.

Working in close collaboration with Volta Trucks, Magtec will be responsible for designing and manufacturing of the drive system of Volta’s prototype truck, which will be unveiled early summer 2020.

The first project to launch using Magtec drives was a pioneering electric bus scheme in the USA in 1999. Since then, the company has worked extensively with OEM, Tier 1 commercial suppliers across the world on specialist vehicle installations.

This news follows the recent appointment of a new CEO, Rob Fowler, as well as the onboarding of industry partners including motorsport and advanced technology consultancy, Prodrive, transportation design agency, Astheimer and technology and design studio, Conjure.

Volta’s first prototype vehicle will be manufactured in Banbury, England, and early images have shown what it could look like.

Volta Trucks

The driver’s seat is positioned in the center of the cabin, creating an increased field of direct vision and allowing for entry and exit through sliding doors on both sides of the vehicle, away from passing traffic. With the cabin positioned at ‘True Floor Height’ (street level) this also works to improve the vision of the driver, protecting cyclists and pedestrians, while preventing injuries caused from jumping out and climbing back into the truck.

As a result of the safety features, and reduced noise and air pollution of its vehicles, Volta trucks are permitted to operate in the most regulated urban areas, at all hours of the day, including nighttime. This allows for optimized delivery time and the reduction of traffic in congested areas.

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