BMW reveals Concept iX3

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Unveiled at the Auto China 2018 show in Beijing (April 25-May 4), BMW’s Concept iX3 provides a look at the OEM’s expansion into electric mobility.

The first model from the brand offered solely with a pure-electric powertrain, the SUV will use the fifth generation of BMW’s eDrive technology. This powertrain groups together the electric motor, transmission and power electronics within a new, separate electric drive component. The iX3 will also use new, more powerful batteries.

The series production version of the vehicle will also benefit from the technological expertise and underpinnings of BMW’s iNext project, which will be presented in 2021.

BMW reveals Concept iX3

The vehicle also showcases BMW’s plans for flexible future architectures, which will enable combinations of mobility types (front-, rear- and all-wheel drive) and powertrain systems (ICE, PHEV and BEV) to be integrated into any model as required.

Based on the X3, the Concept iX3 will feature a specially developed rear axle subframe and specific chassis integration. The newly grouped motor, transmission and electronics will be easier to integrate into different vehicle architectures, while the modular nature of those components will make it simple to adapt performance levels. BMW also notes that the fifth-generation eDrive system will not require rare earth materials in the electric motor.

BMW reveals Concept iX3

BMW’s next-generation high-voltage battery will utilize the latest technological expertise developed by the BMW i brand.

The Concept iX3 will generate maximum output of more than 200kW (272ps). The high-voltage battery will have a net capacity of over 70kWh, enough to give the vehicle a range of more than 400km on the WLTP cycle.

The vehicle will also employ a newly developed charging control unit, and is designed to work with fast-charging station of up to 150kW. The battery can be charged in 30 minutes.

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