Liebherr signs partnership to develop next generation fuel cell systems


Liebherr-Aerospace has announced its growing activities in the automotive sector by signing a strategic partnership with a Swiss fuel cell powertrain specialist to power the next generation of fuel cell systems.

The deal will see the aerospace and transportation specialist Liebherr-Aerospace integrate its electric turbochargers onto a heavy-duty truck platform. This will then be used onboard fuel cell systems used by trucks for two supermarket giants to transport its products.

Liebherr-Aerospace has been producing its green turbochargers since 2001 with and hundreds of operational vehicles using its motorized turbo-compressors. The compressors’ long-life technology uses oil-free dynamic air bearing, powered by high-speed electrical motors.

As major companies such as supermarkets are feeling the social and regulatory pressure of lower emission logistics, they are seeking more sustainable vehicles for their logistics. The agreement with the Swiss fuel cell powertrain specialists will pave the way to applying Liebherr’s efficient turbo-compressors.

“Liebherr-Aerospace is poised to be a leader in the quest for carbon savings, as we have been collaborating with major automotive manufacturers to develop and test electrical turbo-compressors with zero emissions for over a decade across the globe. We are extremely proud of all the work we have accomplished towards green initiatives and looking forward to all the work that is yet to be done. This partnership is another step towards our mission to be a leading provider of cutting edge energy-efficient technology,” said Nicolas Bonleux, chief commercial officer at Liebherr-Aerospace & Transportation SAS.

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