ZF and Danfoss join forces for innovative future EV drivetrains


ZF and Danfoss, two companies involved with e-mobility solutions, have announced a strategic partnership that will create a joint R&D initiative for silicon and silicon carbide power modules that aim to make electric vehicle drivelines more efficient.

ZF is a global technology company that supplies systems for passenger and commercial vehicles, while Danfoss is a subsidiary of the Danfoss Group – the largest industrial company in Denmark. The two companies already have a working relationship and will enhance this further with this new long-term partnership.

ZF’s E-Mobility division supplies electric drive systems and components, while Danfoss Silicon power GmbH (DSP) is a specialist in silicon and silicon-carbide power modules. By joining forces to produce innovative open technology solutions for e-mobility drivelines, they aim to make a vital contribution to cutting vehicle emissions. In electric and hybrid vehicles, power modules control the efficiency of the energy supply to the drive, battery and onboard electronics. This means that the development of space-saving inverters and more efficient power modules is crucial to reducing emissions over the long term.

The partnership will see the two companies engage in joint research and development, with Danfoss also supplying power modules for silicon applications. One of the first major milestones in this new initiative is a supply contract for Danfoss power modules destined for large-scale ZF volume production projects. Beside 400 Volt standard applications the two companies have also begun co-developing an 800 Volt Silicon Carbide power module for a large volume production project.

“This is a robust long-term partnership that enables ZF and Danfoss to pool their strengths. Coming together on this opens up significant innovation potential to improve the technical and commercial competitiveness of our inverters. We will utilize this advantage in all our drivetrain applications; from Hybrid- up to Full Electric Applications.” explains Jörg Grotendorst, head of ZF’s E-Mobility Division.

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