Avid Technology develops Evo electric motors

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Automotive cleantech firm Avid Technology has taken over the design, manufacture and distribution of the Evo electric motors from GKN Hybrid Power and will now begin shipping the high-performance components.

Designed for electric vehicle propulsion and other high-performance drive and actuation applications such as robotics actuators, Avid claims the motor will produce one of the highest usable torque and power densities on the market, making it suitable for a range of high-performance drivetrain applications.

With a lightweight composite rotor developing exceptionally low inertia, the motor enables higher efficiency over a dynamic driving cycle and improved drive response.

The Evo is also liquid cooled by conventional water glycol meaning no additional cooling pumps or heat exchangers are needed further saving system weight and reducing parasitic loses.

Under the agreement with GKN, Avid is also developing the existing Evo technology to create new variants of the motor for a variety of alternative applications.

“After securing the licence with GKN in 2017 we invested over US$5.5m to expand our production and testing facilities,” said Ryan Maughan, managing director at Avid.

“This investment has increased our manufacturing capabilities to enable us to meet the rising demand we’re seeing in our primary commercial and passenger vehicle markets.

“It’s a fantastic opportunity for us to bring our expertise and strong technical capabilities to meet real market and environmental demands. It also means we can continue to diversify and exploit new opportunities in emerging sectors.

Since the start of the year, Avid has experienced a sharp increase in demand for the Evo, securing US$70m in new business for the motors. Avid has been advocating vehicle electrification to improve air quality and reduce climate change for 12 years.

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