Iveco to produce heavy-duty BEV and FCEV under its own brand

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Iveco has announced that it will produce and market its own heavy-duty battery electric vehicles (HD BEV) and heavy-duty fuel cell electric vehicles (HD FCEV) under the Iveco brand. This follows last June’s communication by Iveco Group of the acquisition of the full and sole ownership of the German company resulting from the former joint venture Nikola Iveco Europe.

The Iveco HD BEV and FCEV feature an electric axle co-designed and produced by FPT Industrial, Iveco’s sister brand within Iveco Group specialised in powertrain, batteries supplied by Proterra, and fuel cell technology and key components by Bosch. These born-electric vehicles are based on the Iveco S-way truck platform, which has been specifically redesigned to be capable of supporting both fuel cell and battery propulsion technology, thanks to a modular architecture.

The Iveco HD BEV has a range of up to 500 km. It features a total battery capacity of 738 kWh (9 packs) with charging power up to 350 kW, which enables hub-to-hub delivery missions, a wide range of regional applications, and even missions requiring extended mileage with charging opportunity during mandated driver stops. The Artic 4×2 configuration will be the first to enter the European market in the last quarter of 2023.

The Iveco HD FCEV boasts a range of up to 800 km, with a fast-refuelling time of under 20 minutes, ideal for long-haul missions. It can accommodate 70 kg of H2 usable energy at 700-bar pressure. The first units of the Iveco HD FCEV will be delivered in France, Switzerland, and Germany at end of 2023, as planned in the H2Haul European project co-financed by the Clean Hydrogen Partnership aimed at accelerating the deployment of hydrogen solutions in the commercial transport industry and enabling the large-scale fuel cell truck market in the coming years.

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