Sunlight to create world’s largest battery manufacturing unit in Greece

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Sunlight, a global technology company and producer of industrial and energy storage solutions, has announced the implementation of a €50m investment plan for infrastructure, machinery, and new production-assembly lines for both lead-acid and lithium-ion technologies.

The larger part of the investment, €30m, will go towards the expansion of existing infrastructure with automated, state-of-the-art machinery in Sunlight’s lead-acid battery plant based in Xanthi, northeastern Greece, as well as further expansions of its assembly plants in Verona, Italy and North Carolina, United States. The upgrade will increase annual production capacity of lead-acid motive power products from 4GWh to 5.3GWh gradually until Q3 2022 and will render the Xanthi-based manufacturing unit the largest in the world for industrial, motive, lead-acid batteries.

An additional €20m is being invested in the production of lithium-ion batteries, with the installation of three highly automated assembly lines for lithium modules and complete lithium battery systems, as well as one assembly line for prototyping and R&D purposes. This investment will accommodate the company’s goals to offer global markets integrated lithium products for off-road mobility, industrial use, and Energy Storage for renewables. Production is anticipated to begin by Q3 2022 and deliver 1.7GWh in annualised capacity, while additional space has already been reserved with the potential to more than double capacity up to almost 4GWh.

This latest €50m investment brings Sunlight’s total committed CAPEX spend for 2021-2023 to €180m, with €150m committed to the expansion of lithium production and €30m committed to the respective lead one.

Sunlight’s investment and expansion plans follow the implementation of innovative and technology-forward concepts in the company’s dual production of lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries in the motive and energy storage sectors.

It will see the development of energy management systems with the use of Big Data analysis, AI and Machine Learning tools, as well as the establishment and operation of a lead recycling plant which supplies 60% of required raw material, in alignment with the circular economy business model.

Commenting on the developments, Sunlight CEO Lampros Bisalas stated: “We are thrilled to announce an additional €50m investment that’s fully aligned with our strategic objective to play a key role in both lead and lithium battery technologies. The investment is already under implementation, and we’re excited for the new, state-of-the art machinery to be installed and further expand our capabilities. At Sunlight, we’re keen to meet both current and future demands in the off-road mobility and RES energy storage, by scaling up capacity and rendering our Xanthi industrial park a true Gigafactory. We will also continue integrating production to offer our global customers complete and innovative battery systems of the highest quality and safety. And lastly, we are excited to support our increased production output, expanding our new assembly facilities in Italy and the US.”

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