Wolfspeed and Zinsight use Silicon Carbide technology to enhance EV performance

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The increased production of battery-electric vehicles (BEVs) and FCVs is leading to the use of Silicon Carbide in BEVs and FCVs, which results in cost savings, while high-efficiency power modules enable lower energy losses and higher range.

As such, Wolfspeed, a producer of Silicon Carbide technology, announced that Zinsight Technology, an innovator of advanced electric drive systems, will utilize Wolfspeed 1200V Silicon Carbide MOSFETs in its advanced motor controller for ultra-high-speed air compressors in fuel cell vehicle (FCV) engines.

“The air compressor is one of the most critical components in FCV engines, affecting both efficiency and volume,” said Dr. Shi Jingkui, CEO of Zinsight. “We partnered with Wolfspeed to harness its leadership in Silicon Carbide and ensure our technologies deliver best-in-class performance in speed, performance, efficiency, reliability and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).”

Using Wolfspeed’s industry-leading 1200V Silicon Carbide MOSFETs, Zinsight developed an ultra-high-speed motor controller for use in FCV air compressors. The 35kW HS35 solution provides enhanced efficiency and energy production, achieving more precise motor control over the entire FCV speed range.

“This collaboration further diversifies our automotive pipeline as we bring Silicon Carbide technology to fuel cell vehicles,” said Jay Cameron, senior vice president and general manager for Wolfspeed Power. “Wolfspeed Silicon Carbide enables our customers to provide best-in-class efficiency as they help automakers lead the transition to a more sustainable future.”

As a pure-play semiconductor powerhouse, Wolfspeed is leading the industry transition from silicon to Silicon Carbide in the automotive sector as it transitions away from internal combustion engines.

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