Saietta wins grant to boost development of new electric motor technology

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Oxfordshire based tech company Saietta has won a major grant, through the Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC) that will fast-track the first stage of the production process for its Axial Flux Traction (AFT) electric motor.

With a breakthrough in electric propulsion motors for all vehicles from scooters to buses, Saietta’s unique AFT technology delivers class-leading performance at the price points required for mass market adoption. The APC research contract will enable Saietta to ramp up production capacity to 150,000 motors per annum and trigger the hiring of 150-250 highly skilled engineers in the first round of recruitment.

Saietta will work closely with UK-based specialists Brandauer and AEV on refining the process for core motor component manufacturing and motor assembly, thereby delivering a cost effective, highly automated production process.

Wicher Kist, Chief Executive Officer Saietta Group, said: “This is a significant day for Saietta. By quickly scaling up operations we can fully capitalize on the commercial opportunity that we know exists. Based on the conversations we’ve had, and the projects we’re already involved with, we know that the mass production of our technology will allow us to power a new generation of electric vehicles, in markets around the world, bringing a new era of mobility.”

From its base in Oxfordshire, England, Saietta has perfected a unique, patent protected and modular design. With class-leading torque, power and efficiency combined with the compact, light-weight structure, and a design optimized for mass manufacture, Saietta’s AFT technology delivers across a wide range of price points.

The global market has reacted extremely positively to AFT, with multiple EV product sectors valuing its benefits, as well as other applications including marine and wind turbines.

In order to deliver its mass-market EV solution, Saietta will be collaborating with two specialist companies, Brandauer and AEV Group. Brandauer is a leader in precision stamping and progression tooling while AEV manufactures electrically insulating resins.

Rowan Crozier, CEO of Brandauer, commented: “Providing cleaner transport is a major global opportunity for the UK and we are delighted to be part of the Saietta consortium to help bring important new technologies to market. Brandauer is already heavily involved in providing specialist busbars and laminates to a number of clients in the electrification field and, this latest project, will give us the perfect platform to use our ‘manufacturing with microns’ expertise to make a major difference in supporting the development of greener vehicles.”

Jonathan Kemp, Managing Director, AEV Group, said: “AEV are extremely proud to be part of this successful APC16 bid. Saietta has very exciting technology with their Axial Flux Traction (AFT) motor design, and along with the other project partner Brandauer, AEV look forward to fulfilling their part of the project to implement the successful pilot production in the UK. An important further step for UK plc going green!”

The project will deliver significant increases in capacity and capability within the UK electric motors supply chain that are necessary for the decarbonization of transport.

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